Again, on the Continuous (re)Training of the Teacher, Venera-Mihaela COJOCARIU

Review of the book Strategii moderne de formare a cadrelor didactice pentru predarea antreprenoriatului [Modern Strategies for Teacher Training on Teaching Entrepreneurship] Abstract The aim of this paper is to present the content of a new volume published at Cluj University Press. It connects two areas of knowledge / interest of maximum relevance: modern strategies […]

Chemistry Outreach – Reaching out to Students and Laypeople, Anca-Elena ANGHEL, Roxana TIMOFTE

Abstract Science communication is a promising means for improving the awareness and understanding of scientific concepts by the public, therefore facilitating the transition towards a society consisting mainly of functional adults, capable of making informed decisions, less susceptible to pseudoscientific currents. Science outreach initiatives are a form of science communication that can be used to […]