A Psychometric Evaluation of the Revised Attitudes toward Lesbians and Gay Men Scale-Short Version: The ATLG-R-S-9, Gabriel BULBOACĂ, Viorel ROBU

Abstract Measuring attitude toward homosexuality with well-validated instruments is a critical step for a better understanding of the anti-lesbian/gay public prejudice (formerly known as homophobia). The Revised Attitudes Toward Lesbians and Gay Men Scale-Short Version-10 (ATLG-R-S-10) is one of the most known measures of attitude toward lesbians and gay men. This study aimed to test […]

A Case Study on How Romanian Schools Use Facebook to Brand Themselves, Monica PĂTRUȚ

Abstract Social media tools have an increasingly important role in external communication and the promotion of an institutional image. Taking advantage of this trend, the Romanian pre-university education institutions make use of them in order to send information about the identity of the organization and the educational model approached, so as to attract new members, […]

Reflection in Mathematical Training, Diana IZVORSKA

Abstract In the newest international documents for development of the European education reflection is brought up as a significant element in the structure of “key competencies”. The reflective question is in compliance with the priorities of development in the current day Pedagogy of Training, in which the ability of self-discovering, applying rational and quality analysis […]

Spatial-variation in the level of Primary Education in the selected blocks of Murshidabad District in West Bengal, India, Manab GHOSH, Debjani ROY

Abstract The research paper deals with spatial variation in the level of primary education concerning various educational amenities in the selected blocks of Murshidabad district in West Bengal, India. To measure the level of basic educational development, a composite Z- scores index has been developed based on ten indicators from the DISE report 2018. Different […]