The only two notions that make the difference between people and animals are conscience and education. As we all know it, people were equal at the beginning of their existence, knowing nothing about hate, love, the joy of life or culture. People discovered all these feelings gradually, through experience and education. We all wonder: “What makes a good teacher?”. Nowadays, this question concerns all the people involved in the process of education: young teachers, old and experienced teachers, pupils, students, parents, grandparents, ordinary people and ministers. They all share an interest in this mystery. Several other questions may be added: “How were teachers 50 years ago?”; “Why are young teachers better than old teachers or vice versa?” The list may continue in various ways. Some people may argue that dilligence, hard work and a realistic approach are a must for being a great teacher. Our paper shall approach and discuss such ideas as presented above.

Key words: great teacher, reflexive approach