Observation – Didactic Method Applied in the Wild Garden for Knowledge of Nature by Students, Gabriela-Paula PETRUČšA

The purpose of the research presented in this article was to highlight the possibility of applying the observation in outdoor activities with primary school students. The wild garden arranged in the school yard, regardless of the surface it has, is an ideal place for students to study plants and animals. From the diverse range of methods that can be applied in order to study living organisms by students, the teacher can choose to use observation. Thus, they can identify characteristic traits of some plant or animal organisms at a certain stage of their development. They can also capture the changes that take place in the appearance of plants or animals depending on certain environmental factors, over several weeks, months, or even over a calendar year. The proposed activity models, based on the application of observation, highlighted the possibility of using this method in activities carried out in the wild garden.

Key words: Observation; Wild garden, Formal activities; Non-formal activities; Primary education