Vol. 25, No. 1/ 2021

  1. Content and Language Integrated Learning for Recently Immigrated Students Benefits of a Short-Term Intervention for Content and Language Skills, Mario SCHMIEDEBACH, Claas WEGNER
  2. Evalution and Intervention in the Linguistic Structures of Children’s Language, Diana Alina BUGANU
  3. Pre-Service and In-service Biology Teachers’ Attitudes toward Internet, Liliana MÂȚĂ, Ionuț Viorel STOICA
  4. Correlation between Professional Success and the Factors of Teachers Creativity, Cristina TRIPON
  5. The Integrated Quality Assurance Model in the Context of Online Education, Gabriela CURPĂNARU
  6. Measuring the Level of Development of Neuropsychic Functions in the fields of Language and Memory in Preschoolers, Diana Alina BUGANU
  7. Explanatory Characteristics and Mechanisms of Family Influence in the Development of Emotional Intelligence, Lorena MAXIM
  8. Chemistry Outreach – Reaching out to Students and Laypeople, Anca-Elena ANGHEL, Roxana TIMOFTE
  9. Self-expression in Language Autobiographies. The Language of Emotion and Its Implications for EFL Classes, Raluca GALIȚA, Elena BONTA
  10. Again,on the continuous (re)training of the teacher, Venera-Mihaela COJOCARIU