Evalution and Intervention in the Linguistic Structures of Children’s Language, Diana Alina BUGANU

The aim of the research aims at evaluating the linguistic structures at semantic, morpho-syntactic, pragmatic level and the psycho-speech therapy intervention in order to remedy the deviation from the standard language development. The research methodology is of experimental type, in order to verify the influence of the speech therapy intervention program on the language development of preschoolers. The research was conducted on two groups of children: 5-7 years old, with language disorders (pronunciation-polymorphic dyslalia) and children with typical development. It was applied Bankson-2 Language Assessment Test (BLT-2) to examine the level of development of linguistic structures at semantic, morpho-syntactic, pragmatic level. The statistical analysis of the research results highlighted significant differences between children with language disorders and those with typical development.

Key words: Bankson-2 Language Assessment Test; experiment; language disorder; polymorphic dyslalia; speech therapy intervention

DOI: doi:10.29081/JIPED.2021.25.1.02