The assessment may be considered a process of comparison between an observed situation and an expected situation. The process of evaluation involves a system of reference, interpreted in a model of priorities, which contains the expected situation and the criteria of judgment, which will guide the interpretation of empirical evidence. There are five interrogatives on assessment: ontological, methodological, ontological, epistemological, tehnical-operative. A good assessment should be organized in such a way as to be oriented towards developing a positive attitude in the matter dealt with; penalizing the mechanic learning and putting highlights to the significant. The evaluation process of knowledge acquired in a formative intervention is a process whose success is closely linked to the clear and relevant definition in terms of empirical view of objectives. The elaboration of the assessed test provides the association of one or more tasks identified by operational definition; they are presented in the form of specific questions, called items.

Key words: assessment, e-learning, formative intervention, competence objective, assessed test