Vol. 27, No. 1/ 2023

  1. Stress, Resilience and Propensity to Risky Behaviours among Out-of-School Adolescents in Nigeria, Caleb ONAH
  2. Adaptation and Validation of the Melbourne Decision-Making Questionnaire in a Sample of Moroccan Young Adults,Fatima ATTAR, Khadija OUADI
  3. An Innovative Approach to the Current Educational Challenges – Game Based Learning in the 21st Century, Balázs TÖRÖK-SZABÓ, Gergely CSÉPÁN, Valéria BUGRIS
  4. The Sustained Effectiveness of a Mental Health Literacy Intervention: A Romanian Adolescent Sample at 2- and 12-Months Follow-Up,Alina IONESCU-CORBU, Andreea URSU
  5. Exploring the relationship between Motivation, Self-efficacy and Students’ perception of Academic Dishonesty through the Internet, Adina-Gabriela GAVRIL, Roxana GHIAȚĂU
  6. Nearest Transfer Effects of Working Memory Updating Training: An Experimental Study on Students With, and without Learning Disabilities, Ahmed K. EID
  7. The Potential Influence of Noopept, a Nootropic Agent, on Depression and Mood: An Investigative Analysis,Kian ZEHTABIAN, Dennis RELOJO-HOWELL
  8. Procedural Justice and Leadership Styles as Predictors of Organizational Commitment Among Non-Academic Staff of Benue State University Makurdi,Chinelo Helen OGWUCHE, Reuben Omada NGBEDE, Caleb ONAH
  9. Reading Competence and Creative Writing at Primary School Students, Monalisa-Laura GAVRILUȚ
  10. Financial literacy. An Interview-Based Survey among Middle-School Students, Lidia SABĂU