Comparative Study Regarding the Assessment of the Level of Intelligence Development in Children with Mental Disabilities, Valentina OLĂRESCU, Elisabeta Elena ANGHEL


Children with Down Syndrome need a specialized and customized education, the degree of specificity of educational programs is also given by individual uniqueness at the expense of classification, “part of a syndrome”, in this case Down syndrome. The determination of the specific intelligence of the mentally deficient, respectively the mentally deficient with Down syndrome, was achieved by analyzing the tests for establishing Q.I., respectively the standard progressive matrices – Raven – color and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – fourth edition – WISC-IV, these being some of the most eloquent standardized tests for determining I.Q. in children with mental disabilities and who are mainly used in the educational system. In accordance with the WISC-IV test, identifying the level of development of general intelligence in children with DS, relative to the typical child, we assume that there are differences in the level of general intelligence between disabilities.

Key words: Disability; Down syndrome; higher cognitive processes; intelligence; mental disability; sensory cognitive processes