Psychological and Speech Therapy Interventions in Language and Communication Disorders in Preschoolers, Valentina OLARESCU, Diana BUGANU


Through the present research, the theoretical-applied psychological foundations have been established, which are the basis for identifying an alternative way of developing the language and oral the communication in preschoolers aged 5-6, by considering the relationship between pronunciation and memory disorders, and has been developed, implemented and approved a systemic psycho-speech therapy intervention program aimed at recovering the pronunciation disorders (polymorphic dyslalia) in preschoolers focused on language development, communication in relation to/and the memory function. The aim of the research is to develop, implement and validate the efficiency of a systemic psycho-speech therapy intervention program to fix the language disorders, based on studying the peculiarities of the language development and the communication in relation to the memory function with preschoolers. The results of the investigation bring a contribution to the psychological and speech therapy science with new information related to the knowledge of the relationship between pronunciation disorders and memory function, in preschool age.

Keywords: Memory function; polymorphic dyslalia; preschoolers; speech therapy