Illustrations of Best Practices in Building Creativity Skills in Adult Learners, Ioana BOGHIAN, Venera-Mihaela COJOCARIU, Elena NECHITA, Carmen-Violeta POPESCU, Liliana MÂȚĂ, Gabriel MAREŞ


This article is based on a literature review aimed at highlighting the need to develop creative skills in adult learners that are essential for personal and professional self-innovation, flexibility, adaptability, progress, and development in today’s and tomorrow’s job market. The literature review also revealed that adult educators need current, innovative, interesting, and engaging training and instructional materials to help them foster creativity in adult learners. Based on the results of the literature review, the authors selected a set of best practices for building creativity skills in adult learners that are applicable in various fields such as educational sciences, mathematics and computer science, and humanities. The proposed best practices take the form of methods for building creativity skills in adult learners that can be used by educators in formal and non-formal education programs in a variety of settings. Each method description is accompanied by an illustration that shows how the method can be used effectively.

Key words: 21st-century skills; adult learners; best practice; creativity skills; learner needs; method; professional and personal development