Correlation between Professional Success and the Factors of Teachers Creativity, Cristina TRIPON

The present study aims to verify the role that creativity factors play in determining professional success, within a group of adults (teachers) participating in a training program. The article also analyzes statistically what are the dimensions of professional success that are related to aspects of creativity. The ability to innovate and transform has become more important to people today than the ability to reason. The greatest gift of man is the ability to learn. All interactions with the environment in which we live represent learning sources. The reality of work illustrates the need for this transformation. We are in the age of a new logic, of a dynamic culture, of mind changes. Within it, intuition, behavioral flexibility, intellectual agility, and the ability to initiate, adapt, imagine and renew learning, as well as everything that includes the concept of creativity, must predominate. This evolution of modern human society forces us to invest and mobilization of one’s effort. People express themself through work and creativity plays a decisive role on the road to achieving professional success. For professional success, it is necessary for the management of the organization to focus its evolution on creativity and to be characterized by flexibility and diversity.

Keywords: Creativity; professional success; teacher training