The advent of television and other technological innovations have generated significant changes in people’s way of living. In a relatively short time, television has penetrated most houses triggering significant modifications and occupying an increasingly common central space. Thus, many viewers have come to regard television as the safest source of information, and life is, or should be, as we are shown in the various TV shows. The easiest to influence are children, as their personality is not formed yet and the need to follow a model is very important. Adults know what kind of people and models are being promoted by television nowadays. Values are starting to gain a different shape and feelings such as honesty, sincerity or kindness are beginning to fade on the scale promoted by television. Thus, the distorted picture of the role of the school presented on television, as well as the latter’s specific mode of communication, has succeeded in influencing the children’s motivation for learning and their attitude towards school, to an increasing negative extent.

Key words: television, attitude towards learning, learning motivation