Vol. 26, No. 2/ 2022

  1. Implementing Critical Thinking in the Classroom: The Case of Media Literacy – A bird`s Eye-View Perspective on Specialized Literature,Elena BONTA, Raluca GALIȚA
  2. Adolescent Mental Health Literacy in Romania: A Cross Cultural Adaptation of Mental Health Literacy Measures and Intervention,Alina IONESCU-CORBU, Ion DAFINOIU, Stan KUTCHER
  3. Challenges of Teaching and Learning about Science – A Case Study of Exploring the High Potential of Young Gifted Children from Primary School,Gianina-Ana MASSARI, Isabela RĂDEANU
  4. Self-Esteem, Belief in Personal Mastery and Goal Commitment in Students of Pakistan,Yumna ALI, Shakeel AHMAD, Sonia MUNAWAR