Quality Criteria Check – Testing of a Scientific Giftedness Instrument for Preschool Age, Maria Sophie SCHÄFERS, Claas WEGNER


In the project ‘Kleine BegInNa’, a test instrument was developed based on the CHC theory to determine scientific giftedness in preschool. This could lead to individualized support adapted to differing abilities, which may have positive long-term effects on school performance. In this study, the quality (objectivity, reliability, and validity) of a natural scientific giftedness test was examined using a sample of 69 children aged between four and a half and six and a half years (m = 44.9 %). We found that our test meets the quality criteria for standardized test instruments in most analyses and can be used for future surveys.

Key words: Comparative study; Natural sciences; Natural scientific giftedness test; preschool age; quality check