Studying the Psychological Traits Effective on the Customers’ Change of Behavior in the Insurance Industry regarding the Role of the Service Failure, Roya RAZMI

The goal of this article is to study the effective factors on the behavior change of customers in selecting the insurance providing companies by use of their psychological traits. The role of the incompetent services has been emphasized on as the moderating variable. For this reason, we used Lynn model (2010) and the statistical society consists of the customers of Mellat insurance company with a sample size of 236 persons. The selection of the sample was done through aimful available sampling. The questionnaire used in the study is a researcher-made inventory and its validity has been gained by the views of the experts and professors (formal validity) and its reliability has been confirmed by the Cronbach alpha. For analyzing the collected data, the correlation analysis and hierarchical regression were used. The findings show that psychological traits such as emotional intelligence, the customers’ feelings and their psychological traits have a positive and meaningful effect on the intention of changing or not changing the company providing insurance services. In addition, the incompetency of services has a moderating role regarding the mentioned psychological traits and the customers’ intention in changing the course of receiving insurance services.

Key words: psychological traits, emotional intelligence, customers’ feelings, intention to change, incompetency of services