The Co-Design of A Chat Telepsychotherapy Manual for Indonesians with Minor Depression – A Research Protocol, Wisnu Tri Widodo ENDRO, Matthew SHEPHERD, Heather KEMPTON, Clifford van OMMEN

The development of technology is affecting the way psychological treatment is being conducted. It is now more common to have psychological treatment from a distance. In Indonesia, where the prevalence of depression has reached 6.1% or approximately 16 million of the population, a psychological treatment using a medium of synchronous texting or “chatting” is favoured. This research protocol presents the collaborative design of Chat-Telepsychotherapy Manual for Indonesians with minor depression. A six stage Collaborative Design with two groups of participants will be conducted via online focus group discussions. One group will consist of Indonesian Clinical Psychologists while the other will consist of Indonesians who are currently experiencing a minor depression episode. As per the researchers’ knowledge, this research will be the first attempt to create a manual that guides Indonesian Clinical Psychologists’ execution of Chat-Telepsychotherapy to help Indonesians with minor depression.

Key words: Co-design, chat telepsychotherapy, Indonesians, manual, minor depression