Content and Language Integrated Learning for Recently Immigrated Students Benefits of a Short-Term Intervention for Content and Language Skills, Mario SCHMIEDEBACH, Claas WEGNER

Previous research on education for recently immigrated students focused on the suitability of content learning in terms of interest, motivation, and possible advantages for the transition into the mainstream classroom. However, it is yet unclear to what extent students with limited language competencies actually learn “something” from early content instructions in their preparation classes. This study investigates student’s language and content knowledge in a pre-post design. The intervention group (n=15) participated in project days about the animal kingdom, whereas the control group only received traditional language learning (n=12). Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, only preliminary results could be collected, however, they indicate advantages in terms of subject specific vocabulary and content knowledge in favour of the intervention group.

Key words: biology education, CLIL, knowledge, recently immigrated student