Vol. 24, No. 2/ 2020

  1. Comparing Effects of a Teaching Unit on Rural and Urban Students’ Emotional Constructs Joy, Interest, Boredom, Frustration at an Educational Farm in Germany, Claas WEGNER, Max BENTRUP, Carolin ZEHNE
  2. Trends and Student Guidance Experiences in Teaching Career at the International Level, Marianna SAVVA
  3. Social Representations of Romanian Immigrants from Tuscany in the Mass Media, Alexandra Georgiana POENARU
  4. Ways of Adult Education in the Context of Personalized Pedagogy, Iulian Ciprian BERTEA
  5. Enhancing Formal Word Definitions: An Educational Intervention Plan for Monolingual & Bilingual Children, Ifigeneia DOSI
  6. Didаctic Communicаtion during the Emergency Period, Mihaela FLOREA
  7. Students’ Perception towards Online Activities in Higher Education, Carmen Maria CHIȘIU