The aim of this study deals with research we have conducted on teaching writing in the classroom. There are two main views upon teaching writing and developing writing skills: the writing process is seen more as a process; the traditional approach views teaching writing as a means and insists only upon its importance as a product. An Imaginative Approach to Teaching Writing is the first article that we have resorted to in our research, because it discusses the teacher’s and the student’s creativity. The most important ingredient in learning to write in a foreign language is motivation. The teachers who wrote the article have experimented with a wide range of interesting exercises, which could be very easily applied in the classroom. The second article we have based our research on, Writing at the Early Stages of Language Learning, approaches language learning through “free” or “uncontrolled” writing: the student alone produces the language that is to be taught, invents or builds sentences or paragraphs. We believe that these two articles share certain similarities: emphasis on the developing of students’ creativity, increasing learner motivation, learning the language through writing and having fun. We believe that the students’ creativity and having fun while learning are essential for the teaching-learning process.

Key words: approaches, creative writing, methods, motivation, teaching